Benefits Of Soft Water

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“Soft water, hard results”

Soft water can protect all water-using appliances from scaling up, cleaning deposits that have built up over time. Kitchens and bathrooms will stay fresh and sparkling for longer – soap residue combining with hard water is eliminated. Softened water reduces spots, leaving glass, tiles and dishes shiny. Oh, and with no nasty scum to block up your fabrics you’ll be able to see and feel the difference in your laundry.


Based in Teddington, Middlesex, Express Softeners has been offering customers waves of robust consultation, quick and simple installation and long-term support for years. It has a sister – Express Boilers – which means that your water softening technology can be installed by trained plumbing specialists, every time. We have been improving people’s lives through plumbing solutions for years, and we able to offer the same great customer experience with water softeners, Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton.



Soft Skin, Healthy Hair.

Watch out! The defences in your skin and hair may need the right tools to deal with the blight of hard water. It leaves scum deposits in hair and on skin causing unmanageable, lifeless results. We say that’s unacceptable; your hair and skin feels softer, cleaner and smoother with water treated by a water softener. Everyday you can enjoy silky hair and revitalised and energised skin.


Appliance Protection.

Having a water softener installed in your home will increase the life of your kitchen and bathroom appliances ten-fold. Year upon year, more savings can be made. The limescale build up in your boiler and heating system, plumbing, hot water cylinder, washing machine, dishwasher, bath or shower can cost you a fair amount of money to repair and replace in the long run. Taking limescale out of the equation is the smart way to protect your appliances from this.


Clothes With A Wow Factor !

Free your fabrics from the shackles of high mineral content. By using softened water, your clothes will last longer and whites stay white without that grubby grey caused by hard water. Water softener will imbue clothes with softer, brighter qualities for longer.


25% Savings On Energy Bills.

By eliminating limescale build up, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%. It costs far less to heat the house when your appliances are purring away under the best possible conditions.


Less Time Cleaning, More Time Living.

water softener installationDo you hate those arduous days in which house cleaning sucks up all your spare time? Well, a water softener will greatly reduce the amount of housework needed to keep your home clean. Hate scrubbing around that bathroom? Your bath, wash basin and toilet bowl will stay clean. Love that shine on your utility sink? You never get the spot marks which are rife when using hard water.


Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!

Soap lather absolutely loves softened water. With a water softener installed, you can enjoy an eruption of bubbles with just a smidgen of soap or shampoo. All you need do is sit back and enjoy the luxury of bathing in clean, scum-free water, and the refreshingly large amount of bubbles that go along with it.


A Tonic for Skin Conditions.

Softened water helps to soothe dry and flaky skin conditions. Many sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and other problems such as dry skin say that soft water greatly improves their conditions, if it doesn’t eradicate them altogether.


Super Savings On Cleaning Products and Toiletries.

In a soft water household, limescale marks disappear, soap scum marks run for the hills and your arsenal of cleaning products can be focused on bigger problems. Reports have shown that this can mean up to 75% savings on cleaning products. This saves money, leaving you with a healthier bank balance and greener home.



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